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The Power of Personalization®

Digital Distribution

With pii, you’re teaming up with some of the leading digital distributers. Trust our proven expertise in designing and planning on-the-money execution of customized, high-volume variable e-mail, personalized URL’s and more.

The beauty of digital messages is that it allows you to make personal connections with each recipient, within their preferred communication vehicles. It starts with deep capabilities in list management and variable data technologies. This allows you the freedom to adapt messages to very select demographics and geography. For example, you can easily customize each of your target audiences with appropriate lifestyle images. Personalized graphics let you weave the recipient’s name naturally into a photo or graphic on the fly. Your field sales team will be pleased with e-marketing messages that are customized with their names, pictures and contact information. You’ll love how easy it is to maintain high standards for your brand and track the response.


Look to pii for expertise that can help you score conversions and build relationships. We can help you grow and manage lists and ensure compliance. With pii, it’s easy to integrate email into your communication strategy. Confirm receipts, opens and responses with tracking and measurement tools.


Our extensive experience with Personal URLs (PURLs) helps you effectively bridge the customer funnel from printed piece to online conversion. Look to pii’s extensive experience with PURLs and microsites to help you fulfill requests and nurture leads effectively.


Our social listening, trend detection, cluster analysis, prospect modeling and visualization tools help you stay in touch, discover complex relationships and stimulate relevant conversation. Dashboard reporting gives you a real-time view of customer comments, competitor activity, brand conversations, keywords and more.


Our deep personalization expertise can be an invaluable advantage in supporting seamless, lifestyle-matched customer journeys on mobile platforms — from social or email interactions, through mobile or in-store purchases. Ask us how pii can put your message on the move and in the hands of customers that are in proximity and ready to buy.