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3D Printing

Complicated and expensive? Think again — 3D printing is becoming practical and affordable, with more applications than ever.

Pii and Taylor are pioneers in this space, having made investments in the technology starting 30 years ago. Today, we’re bringing it to marketing to help you deliver a highly personalized message to every single customer.

No longer just for manufacturing and medical, this innovative printing
process is being used by businesses and consumers alike.

What is it?

3D printing is a process, also known as additive manufacturing, to create three-dimensional tangible objects from a digital file.

What can be printed in 3D?

Prototypes, models, replacement parts, even finished products, like sculpture, jewelry, shoes and so much more.

How can I use this technology?

Marketers can use 3D printing to reach new audiences and connect with customers by giving them branded products that support the company’s overall strategic marketing messages.

Get Personal

The 100th print costs the same as the 1st print, so you can personalize in more meaningful, relevant ways.

Print a one-off, or small batch test of a concept. Personalize it by incorporating recipient or logo information for a truly unique experience.

A Few Examples in Action

Concept Car
House Keychain
Sports Medals

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