Variable Production

We’ve got experience,
tools, and horsepower.

Working with industry leaders such as Kodak, Dell, Xerox and HP to create new, innovative solutions.

The Power of Personalization®

Commercial & Digital Print

At pii and Taylor Corporation, we offer the most extensive and advanced printing capabilities in the world. Direct mail production capacity at pii alone exceeds 2 million pieces per day. Partner with us and let The Power of Personalization® help you reap the benefits of leadership in digital print capabilities, offset printing, finishing, data resources and infrastructure.

Our commercial and digital printing brings you all of the production capabilities you need, all from one source. Having one capable do-it-all print option has multiple advantages for your business. You’ll reduce cost and expenses. Eliminate the headache of managing multiple vendors and processes. You’ll streamline processes and be able to track all of your projects on a single reporting system. With quality assured by one of the most rigorous print quality standards in the world, you’ll have the capabilities, scope and equipment you need to take control of your printing results.

Mail Processing & Commingling

Our dedicated team of direct mail experts utilizes a variety of strategies to achieve maximum postal discounts in highly secure facilities with on-site postal clearance. Your mail can be commingled (combined) with other mailings to create higher volumes that qualify for postage discounts. In addition to postage savings, commingling also provides better tracking, ensuring your mail reaches the right recipients at the right time.