Services Overview

Understand each
customer’s journey.
Effectively engage.

Services Overview

We’ve won the attention and loyalty of Fortune 500 companies because of three things they tell us we do exceptionally well: Strategy and Analytics, Marketing Technology, and Variable Production.

Working with pii is like adding several expert direct marketers and creative professionals to your team. Count on us to develop in-depth knowledge of your company and marketing goals. We’ll fire up first-in-class marketing technologies — and move the needle with killer creative and passion for quality execution.

& Analytics

We develop actionable strategies for ways to connect, communicate and measure the results. All while never taking the focus off your ROI.


Thinking about centralizing your ​marketing deliverables ​ordering system? How about streamlining communications enterprise-wide in just a few keystrokes​ with a mobile-optimized, cloud-based system​?

No worries. We’ve got it. We have the technologies you need tomorrow, today.


We deliver the largest integrated distributed marketing campaigns in the world. We partner with Xerox, HP, Kodak and Dell for production, systems integration, distribution and more.


We work with 7 of the 10 largest U.S. insurance/financial services companies. More than 130,000 representatives use our marketing websites. We help serve insurance, financial services, healthcare, pharmaceutical, education, automotive, small business and franchise businesses.


We are owned by Taylor Corporation which has seven million square feet of operations capacity and 10,000+ professionals across the world. We focus on exceeding customer’s needs every day.

New Technology

We are new technology and production solutions innovators. We have collaborated with a number of large manufacturers like Xerox to design new technology and equipment.

Whatever It Takes

It’s our mantra and our URL. We figure out how to get it done better within tight timeframes.