Marketing Technology

Easily centralize your
ordering system.

Our Web-based marketing platforms make ordering easy, so your field marketers can be more efficient.

Custom Solutions

Every company is different. Every branding program is unique. Our technology solutions are designed with this in mind. From branded user interface to functions that suit your team’s processes and workflows, pii has the marketing technologies that can help you do business faster, easier and safer.

What functions in your marketing organization need to be accomplished more efficiently? What processes could be streamlined to make customer interactions more painless? What technologies could make your customer experience a joy they’ll want to talk about? Explore the options with the possibilities of pii custom solutions. We also offer marketing platforms that can be built from the ground up to suit your needs.

Data Programming

More than any other factor, data expertise is critical to success with variable print and personalized marketing. Data programming services from pii let you integrate data from multiple sources. We can help you optimize data flow throughout your solution. With nearly two decades experience with large, national sales forces we can help solve the data challenges of large organizations.

Web Hosting

At pii, we offer Web hosting for Conductor technology and other systems. Our service is built on an optimal combination of hardware, software and support services. Hosting is an active process. Our specialists configure each hosting solution to meet your specific business needs. It’s sustained by a brilliant team that’s ready to ensure high levels of availability and performance.

Services & Solutions

  • Marketing Technology Strategy & Consultation
  • Database Management & Programming
  • Digital Marketing CRM Integration
  • Tier 1 Website Hosting
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Field Rep Testimonials

Nothing can say it as well as the field reps using our systems and talking to our customer service representatives every day.

  • “Thank you for making this process easy.”
  • “I wish everything in my business worked as well as this.”
  • “You make life easier as an agent.”
  • “Working with you is a breeze.”
  • “I appreciate the time you took with my questions.”