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Easily centralize your
ordering system.

Our Web-based marketing platforms make ordering easy, so your field marketers can be more efficient.

Conductor (C4)

The smartest marketing web app out there.
Configurable without code changes and costs.
200+ marketing apps and growing.

Conductor technology puts enterprise marketing at your fingertips. Our most recent release, Conductor 4 is the first app-based enterprise marketing platform of its kind. It offers corporate marketers an easier way to market at the speed of today’s business.

C4: Ad Builder, Social Monitoring, Sales Prospecting

You've got the power.

  • Marketing, advertising, promotions, prospecting, cross-sell, funds management — it’s all in one place.
  • Drive your field through easily understood, successful strategies.
  • Load new products and functionality in minutes.
  • Configurable without code changes and costs.
  • Custom reporting without custom programming.
  • Consolidate internal and external orders into C4 and save.

Build your own user screens with Conductor 4.

Want additional functionality? Visit the C4 App Library, select your Apps and C4 immediately configures itself
to accommodate the marketing functionality without code changes and costs.

C4’s proprietary Clean Canvas Technology™ allows corporate marketing teams to build their own user screens.

Simply activate a new blank screen canvas, drop the Apps of your choice where you want them and C4 immediately configures itself to work for you.

Make the new screen available to your field in minutes. You’ve got the power.

200+ Apps available

  • Pick the marketing functionality you want, when you want it.
  • Benefit from marketing innovation based on the best practices of other large organizations.
  • Each time a new App is introduced, it’s available to all C4 users.
  • Updates to existing Apps? You get those too.

Reduce Your Marketing Costs

Design Your Own Reports

Build and modify your own custom reports on the fly and eliminate the need for IT involvement.

Build Multichannel Campaigns

Build truly integrated digital, print and social campaigns for a specific audience in minutes. Quick, Easy, Integrated.

Monitor Social Media Success

Tag marketing products or campaigns with keywords and Pii’s proprietary social media aggregator will monitor social activity from hundreds of sources — results displayed in real-time.

Create, launch, drive ...

C4 gives corporate users the power to build integrated campaigns (digital, print, social) without costly resource alignment. Create, launch and drive your field to successful strategies in minutes.

Cloud Based

Stable, scalable, and secure. C4 lives in the cloud — literally. This guarantees triple 9 uptime of 99.95% or greater, and provides unlimited, automatic scalability. When C4 usage soars, the cloud automatically adjusts the infrastructure to efficiently accommodate the demand.

Responsive Design

C4 includes responsive design which enables it to automatically detect and respond to the size of the user’s display (e.g., computer screen, tablet, mobile device). Is C4 mobile friendly? Absolutely. More so than any other marketing platform available today.

C4 is Microsoft CRM compatible.

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