Data & Analytics

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The right time.
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Streamline your marketing plan to maximize ROI.

Measuring Results

Who doesn’t want to please the CEO? That’s a good reason why much of the work you do with pii is measurable and quantifiable. At pii today, virtually any touchpoint or process can be a target for measurement.

Our analytics capabilities have recently grown exponentially. New tools help you understand customer, market and competitive dynamics with pinpoint accuracy. Choose from methodologies such as market area mapping, customer profiling, deep dive surveys, segmentation systems, cluster analysis and prospect modeling. Advanced marketing technologies like these help you turn data into actionable, customer insights. Further direct mail measurements include response tracking, call center reporting, ROI analysis and BRC matchback.

Response Tracking

Our dedicated team will work with you to develop requirements and leverage response tracking to build reports for your specific program needs.

Any report can be customized to keep your business growing and let you know what’s working or what’s not. No job is too big or too small. Whether you need help refining the basics like managing BRCs, sales match-back or call center reporting or want to dive deeper into the latest advanced data analytics, we’ll deliver what you need in an intuitive way that’s easy to access and understand.

Call Center - Inbound/Outbound

With more than 20 years servicing our clients’ customers, pii teleservice solutions help you establish loyal relationships and deliver superior customer service. Our outbound and inbound services provide seamless support and follow-through for your direct marketing or other programs.

When a customer needs to reach someone who can help, the pii Call Center is there. Whether it’s a direct mail recipient with a special order or a website visitor who needs assistance, our trained staff members can find them the support they need. Continuous CSR training assures contact quality and hiring profiles assure a helpful attitude. Services include order taking, fulfillment, surveys, lead generation, Web support, toll-free number customer assistance, thank you programs, membership renewals, teleconferencing and Web chats.