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Streamline your marketing plan to maximize ROI.

Marketing Communication

What marcom team today couldn’t use a few extra hands? When pii joins your team, we bring along skills that help support your marketing communications program goals.

Your account team at pii includes marketing professionals whose goals are to enhance your marketing program success. Our customers often invite us to help brainstorm new approaches and troubleshoot oncoming challenges. Dashboard reporting capabilities help you monitor progress in real time while Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR) provide ongoing opportunities for feedback, previews of new strategies, technologies and techniques.


Whatever your parameters for printing, you’ve found a proven winner. As a Taylor Corporation family, we’re one of the largest printing enterprises in the world today. Whether high-speed digital or high- impact, 12-color offset, Taylor and pii are today’s standard of printing.

Think of pii as your one-source printing solution. We have the resources to support any print media program from design through distribution. In most cases, we can cover all steps of your process completely in-house.

Just steps away from our office are our 200,000+ square foot print production facilities. Here, we produce more than 384 million mail pieces each year.
With this massive print production operation literally in our back room, it’s easy for you to monitor performance and maintain efficiency.

Digital Distribution

Here is where the power of digital personalization meets customers in real life. At pii, we’re experts at delivering high-volume, variable, e-marketing messages. Cost-saving delivery options allow you to send personalized messages to audience sizes from dozens to millions.

E-mail distribution is a core competency at pii. We’ve been working our digital magic like personalized images – before it was cool! That means if there’s a digital, e-marketing breakthrough, we’ll be among the first to introduce it. Since we are so familiar with personalization messaging, we can offer special services like regionalized versions, demographic segmentation and personalized URL’s. Count on pii to enable digital distributions as sharply focused as your goals.