Data & Analytics

The right customer.
The right time.
The right engagement.

Streamline your marketing plan to maximize ROI.

Data Analytics

Don’t market with blinders on. Get the most out of your marketing data by using our exceptional analysis tools — you will quickly find out what’s working and continually optimize your bottom-line marketing performance.

Big data is here, and it can be overwhelming. Many organizations accumulate terabytes of information on their industry, business and customers daily.

What’s important is that key learnings don’t get lost in the shuffle: We have a special approach to organizing your data into actionable insights that help you gain a clearer view and deeper understanding of your customers and prospects which helps you target them when they are most likely to buy — growing your business.

List Development, Strategy & Management

Do you only have one list for prospecting? We don’t agree with this approach. Scanning multiple lists industry wide will give your company a more diversified list strategy based on your targets and business goals.

We call it our “Performance-based testing plan” — we believe in it and live by it. You set the evaluation metrics, and we test up to six of the industry’s best list sources from a variety of data types. We’ve found that this ROI-based approach sets the foundation for a truly optimized strategy you will get results from.

With access to the nation’s largest list network and over 120,000 B2C, B2B, and specialty in-house sources, we guarantee a smarter, safer approach to optimizing your marketing efforts. You will reduce risk and increase returns with our integrated direct email and targeted lead generation strategy and find that more prospects are converting to customers.

Data Modeling & Targeting

Who are your customers? What motivates them? Deeper insight into these questions will result in better decision-making and increased ROI.

Dramatically improve your targeted marketing by leveraging your customer data and appending demographic and lifestyle attributes or for B2B, demographic or firmagraphic characteristics. Layering this information, with the propensity to buy we can determine who will respond to your communications. These techniques have proven to increase prospecting performance and pay for themselves over a short period of time.