Data & Analytics

The right customer.
The right time.
The right engagement.

Streamline your marketing plan to maximize ROI.

Marketing Strategy

Have an idea of what you want to do, but don’t know where to start? Want to drive greater results from your marketing activity, but not sure how?

For more than 20 years, pii has been consulting with some of the largest organizations in the insurance, financial services and healthcare industries. From direct marketing and inventory management to leveraging social media, harnessing corporate data and driving out costs, we’ve got the experience that can help you develop and execute a strategy that will drive results.

Consulting & Planning

Since 1993, 275 of the top Fortune 500 companies have trusted pii for visionary thinking and targeted results. It’s a philosophy that starts and ends with one simple question: What’s next?

It’s a quest that opens direct marketing opportunities that other companies can only dream about. Our account and strategy teams will help you map out a plan that dovetails precisely with your goals.

Whether that means helping you assemble an app-based solution — or coming up with a unique distribution strategy to outrun the competition, pii consultants can help you raise ROI while reducing implementation time and customer acquisition costs. At every step and at every touchpoint, pii keeps you thinking ahead.

Project Concept Development

Solution Innovation is what we call it. We have the experience to help you find innovative ways of getting it done.

Our company was founded in 1993 based on winning the opportunity to revolutionize the variable production of one of the largest circulation newsletters in the country for one of the nation’s largest insurers. We’ve brought that same pioneering spirit to every one of our client opportunities ever since.

Whether you want to test a new direct mail format or connect your CRM application to a digital message distribution engine, we’ll help you find innovative ways of doing it.

Program Management

We’ve got the horsepower. No matter how large the direct marketing campaign or program is, we can support it with more than 10,000 professionals worldwide.

Ready to think big? Our capacity and extensive experience positions us to execute all aspects of print and digital campaigns or seamlessly integrate with third-party suppliers. We’ve earned over 20 years’ experience coordinating and executing back-end production and systems integration.

Ask us to help you reduce expense, simplify the process — all while leveraging some of the largest direct mail production capabilities in the world.

Personalization Strategy

Increase your ROI by focusing on personalization. Consumer information is growing exponentially. Why talk to a demographic when you can connect with unique individuals?

Helping you design and execute direct marketing campaigns is our specialty. Communicating in personal ways with your customers can have a direct impact on return on your investment.

We provide data analysis and market research using cutting-edge techniques. Personalization can identify and interpret your customers’ buying patterns and create lifestyle scenarios that build connections — and results.

Quality Assurance Planning

Quality Innovation … How do you achieve industry leading quality? By never accepting the fact that you have.

Fifteen digital data filters. One hundred automated inspection criteria. Does this sound kind of extreme for a marketing program? At pii, we don’t think so. Whether your project is big or small, our quality standards go to extremes — because your direct marketing program is worth it.

Need more proof of our quality commitment? Meet our Quality Control Center. It’s based on our own Digital Quality App v2.0. It connects all of our facilities, ensuring 29 key process steps and 27 points of inspection. Because the core of our business is personalization, we require these kinds of quality controls. It’s our assurance that the right message will reach the right person. Every time.