Conductor fosters a big win for insurance

Centralized portal generates over $6M in 7 months


A major national insurance company with 14,000 agents across the U.S. was seeking to improve their prospecting efforts. Agents were located in 29 states, and faced many unique regulations. Additionally, they needed a program that was flexible, customizable, cost-effective and easy for agents to use.


We’ve produced a variety of personalized marketing materials for the insurance company’s agents since 1992. The organization turned to pii because of our experience in prospecting and retention programs designed specifically for field agents. We provided a Conductor Marketing On-Demand Portal customized to the company’s needs. Conductor is a Web-based platform where agents can review and order personalized prospecting materials, targeting specific lines of business. With pii, agents now have one-stop shopping, anytime access, including helpline support, robust offering of materials and automated billing. In one online session, an agent can select marketing materials for numerous campaigns, add personalization that includes photo and contact information, and submit the order for production. We also provided agents with instructional and promotional materials, including a custom-produced video tutorial.


One satisfied agent said, “I will look no further than this website as a lead-generating resource to grow my agency. It gives me the control I desire to choose who, where and how I want to build a direct mail marketing campaign. It’s just top notch!”