AutoNet Direct identifies customers shopping now

OEM sees 96% increase in “in-market shopper” volume to increase loyalty


A major U.S. auto manufacturer (OEM) wanted to improve and maximize overall customer loyalty. It had an analytical model to determine their customer’s in-market timing and defection potential as well as capture valuable information about former customers. The goal was to identify additional at-risk households their in-house model could not predict.


Using AutoNet Direct’s loyalty tools, pii matched the OEM’s customer base to their fresh “in-market shopper” leads. This validated pii’s ability to identify “in-market shoppers” beyond the OEM’s.


AutoNet Direct was able to increase “in-market shopper” volume by 96 percent over the client’s existing model. It also increased:

  • Identifiable current customers returning to market by 147 percent
  • Former customers likely to buy by 60 percent