AutoNet Direct delivers powerful results

Campaign delivers over 900% ROI to increase loyalty


A major import auto manufacturer (OEM) was looking to leverage AutoNet Direct to bolster retention and loyalty. They consulted with pii to assist them on the design of the campaign. The client decided to target three unique audiences for this six month campaign:

  • Current owners
  • Past owners (disposers) who no longer owned their product
  • And highly targeted conquest prospects


AutoNet Direct data was matched to current owners and past disposers to identify those that were actively shopping. Each of the above audiences received a two-touch email campaign. Content varied by target audience:

  • Owners received content and offer that was loyalty focused
  • Disposers received content and offer that was really positioned to “win the household” back to the OEM
  • Conquest content and offer aggressively positioned this OEM’s product against the competition

The campaign reached households quickly during their shopping experience, triggering email communications twice a month over the six month program period.


Results for the six month campaign were extremely powerful. Over 325,000 households were reached with impressive return on investment results (ROI):

  • ROI: +900 percent
  • Divisional Lift: Over 10 percent average versus the control group with positive lift in each targeted segment. The highest lift segment was over 40 percent