Our personalization creates increase in bookings

Unique targeted offers generate over $2M revealing 900% ROI


A luxury cruise line had recently launched a four-tier loyalty program that awards points based on the number of nights the member has sailed. Aside from an account statement letter, however, the company had no tool to deliver ongoing one-to-one messages about significant travel offers and other relevant information. Their objectives included:

  • Providing each member with individualized information about his or her account activity, account balance and tier advantages.
  • Enhancing the mutual value of the relationship by raising awareness about the benefits of membership in the Society and about complementary offerings available via affiliates.
  • Entertaining and enticing the Society members with interesting, highly readable travel articles.
  • Increasing bookings, generating interest in featured cruises and cross-selling their hotel brand.


We created Unique Discoveries, a personalized newsletter. The newsletter included a cover personalized with the member’s name, special offers based on the individual’s membership tier (inside cover) and a complete overview of the individual’s account activity and balance as well as targeted offers and information specific to each of the four membership tiers.


The cruise line received in excess of $2 million in incremental bookings as a direct result of Unique Discoveries — representing a return of more than $10 for every $1 spent on the project. In addition, feedback from recipients was overwhelmingly positive.