Conductor pays for itself in 10 months

Cuts order time by 80% — workload in half and cost by 10%


A multinational fuel logistics company spent nearly $2 million annually on print and premium items with more than 30 vendors. All items were ordered via manual processes that were not tracked or centrally monitored. They needed a more efficient way to support their employees while automating processes and managing their budgets. Their goal was to create a “store” where all print and premium items could be centralized and managed, allowing employees across the globe to select, personalize and order what they needed.


Our team of marketing technology experts met with the company’s procurement, IT, sales and marketing teams and conducted an extensive review of their ordering and fulfillment processes. Our experts compiled a comprehensive business case to standardize and automate their ordering including: situation analysis, detailed solution proposal, financial models including return on investment (ROI) and implementation timeline.

Along with key client contacts, pii presented the business case to regional senior level management to gain approval. We implemented Conductor, our Web-based ordering platform, to automate all print and premium ordering and fulfillment.


Conductor provided the company with a 24/7 ordering platform including automated approvals, detailed reporting and auto replenishments to ensure stock is always available. All employees now have the ability to easily and efficiently order personalized materials. The number of steps to order items was cut by 38% and time required to complete orders was slashed by 80%. Resource time spent managing, placing and fulfilling orders was cut in half and actual cost of print and premium items (now sourced by pii) was reduced by 10% and 7% respectively. ROI models show start-up costs will be recouped via savings by month 10 of Conductor’s implementation.