Trackable program lifts lead generation

Multichannel effort increases response by 100%


A large online university needed a trackable program to reduce the cost to generate leads for their admissions advisors.


We used a personalized multichannel approach to increase the effectiveness of their direct mailing. A personalized self-mailer and postcard were sent to the prospect with a choice of responses using a BRC (business reply card) or unique PURL (personalized uniform resource locator) that included their name. When the user arrived at the PURL their response form was pre-populated with their personal information making submission seamless. We coded campaign tracking into the site to allow for extensive testing of the list, offer, creative and response vehicle. A follow-up email was sent to all recipients and an additional follow-up email was sent to all respondents.


PURL to BRC response was 4 to 1 demonstrating that the personalized URL was key to increased response. This new response method combined with the learnings from the test cells increased response by 100% for subsequent campaigns.