Insurance giant extends reach with AutoNet Direct

Month after month, highly targeted email drives success


The Hartford needed help extending its reach into new markets for auto insurance products — one key requirement was to use email channels exclusively.


With our extensive experience in the insurance market, we know the benefits of reaching potential customers at key life-changing moments. So, we recommended several approaches to data-gathering that would let us tap into this shifting demographic. For example, our auto “in-market shopper” list identifies individuals who are looking for a new vehicle right now — because many people shopping for autos are also shopping for auto insurance.

In addition, pii recommended test marketing to people who’ve recently moved into a new home. We targeted by age and household income for a campaign in which The Hartford partnered with AARP. That was easy, since our historic data of online shoppers is enhanced with key data elements to make the list highly selectable.


The Hartford has used our CarsDirect in-market data for several years with great success each month. Reaching these prospects right around the time of purchase has proved to be highly beneficial. “You guys were one of the top performers,” a key contact reported. “Definitely a highlight for the month!”