Communications audit saves cost and time

Savings of $3M through advanced process analysis


A large managed care organization wanted to review the effectiveness of its customer communication plan and perform an in-depth gap analysis. They needed to evaluate their customer acquisition strategies in the short- and long-term and wanted to find efficiencies for print fulfillment execution. Their ultimate goal was to create a transparent environment for cross-company due diligence in all areas which affect marketing communications, print and warehouse fulfillment.


Our marketing experts conducted an extensive internal review of their communication plan, as well as their internal execution processes. We provided a team of subject matter experts in the areas of communication effectiveness and execution, as well as print and warehouse execution. We delivered concise business improvement recommendations to the executive team. The plan included current status, identification of gaps or critical issues, and effective new solutions.


Our experts identified $3 million in potential savings with efficient resource reallocation. As a result, the client was able to utilize resource recovery to relaunch a branding campaign. Our team is optimizing their bottom line with a multichannel, individualized, customer-focused approach through technology and efficiencies in print and fulfillment resources. This approach saves them significant costs, time and resources.