Co-palletization reduces postage costs

Unique mail sorting method reveals over $400,000 in savings!


A national property and casualty insurance company and longtime pii customer sends out millions of pii produced direct mail pieces annually. As postage rates have increased our customer was faced with budget constraints and the possibility of scaling back their critical customers and acquisition mail programs.


Our team of direct mail experts analyzed all of their direct mail programs and recommended co-palletization. Co-palletization reduces the touchpoints by the United States Postal Service (USPS) resulting in improved delivery, reliability and cost savings. This special sorting allows standard class mail with volumes too small to qualify for discounts on their own to be combined with other mail to achieve Bulk Mail Center (BMC) and Sectional Center Facility (SCF) entry discounts. In addition, all mail pieces will go to full service providing tracking of mail delivery.


  • An average discount of $.038/mailer on all non-BMC discount mail
  • Incremental savings for programs already receiving BMC discounts is $.02/mailer
  • Annualized savings estimated at $405,000