AutoNet Direct
leverages analytic power
for leading OEM

Custom scoring models deliver 85% lift


A leading luxury brand has leveraged AutoNet Direct for their print campaigns for several years. They were one of the first large OEMs to fully leverage pii’s advanced analytics tools. They openly tout it as their top performer against all other data sources in ongoing, nationwide prospecting efforts.

Their prospecting email campaigns were not performing to expectation so pii was engaged to further optimize the performance of those campaigns.


We worked with the client to create a custom model for the specific product. In order to validate performance of the model, pii structured a test that paired:

  • The custom, product-specific scoring model against their normal selection criteria for prospect selection:
    • Competitive vehicle set
    • Move-up vehicle set
  • A multi-touch email campaign was created that included a strong “hidden incentive” only for those targeted within the campaign


Results for the email campaign clearly demonstrated the power of pii’s custom scoring model component of AutoNet Direct. Our model was able to demonstrate an 85 percent lift over the competitive set selection and over a 650 percent improvement in results compared to the move-up set.

This client quickly moved to rely on pii to develop custom scoring models for each of their major brands and have increased their reliance on advanced analytics for every acquisition campaign.