Tim Henning

Tim Henning, General Manager

Since 1991, Tim has dedicated his focus and talent to the start-up, growth and evolution of pii. He started his career as a typesetter and graphic designer at the forefront of emerging technologies in the graphic arts industry. Among many accomplishments, Tim led the development and implementation of the first Windows-based variable data systems that integrated emerging technologies and personalized marketing. In the mid-90s Tim spearheaded pii’s transition from a traditional print shop to a digital environment in multiple channels. Working with key vendors he developed new technologies allowing for full-page personalization in a time when it was unheard of. Today, Tim continues to drive innovation, concentrating on the development of 3D printing products positioned to help our clients strengthen and extend engagement within their customer base.

Ken Orr

Ken Orr, General Manager, Lansing office

For over 26 years, Ken has been a recognized leader in the marketing and IT industries. Ken started his career as a programmer at a real estate software company. Then, at an automotive marketing company, he spearheaded the creation and implementation of leading-edge software for advanced direct marketing and consumer loyalty programs. In 1990, Ken and four partners formed ICS Marketing Services. He served a key role in establishing the procedural, production and IT capabilities that fostered the foundation of ICS. Ken joined pii in 2014 and now serves as General Manager of the Lansing office. His proven leadership and broad technical and procedural strengths play a significant role in our ability to stay on the forefront and help our clients be better direct marketers.

Richard Eames

Richard Eames, VP, Quality & ISO Management Representation

Richard has spent the last 2 years further developing pii’s quality system. He has successfully led efforts to have pii recertified to the ISO 9001: 2000 and 2008 standards. He has developed processes for tracking and driving improvement in all aspects of the company’s performance. Richard has experience in plant operations, along with other positions of management in manufacturing environments at pii and General Electric.

Dana Reischauer

Dana Reischauer, VP, Operations

Since 1989, Dana has held a wide range of positions throughout the corporation as general manager, operations manager, client services director, business process analyst, quality control manager and prepress supervisor. Dana has a bachelor’s degree from Illinois State University and Direct Marketing Certification from Virginia Commonwealth University. Certifications, memberships and continuing education include: Certified Direct Marketer, Value Stream Mapping training, Yellow Belt certification, Project Management Professional training, Outstanding Cooperation Award from Xerox Special Information Systems (XSIS), Benny Award, Scitex Award and Supplier Excellence Award.

Briana Henning

Briana Henning, VP,
Client Services

During more than 15 years at pii, Briana has held a variety of leadership positions in Client Services. She has worked extensively with our Fortune 500 clients across all industries we serve, including insurance, financial and automotive, primarily driving campaigns focused on growth, cross-sell and retention. Briana received a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Illinois State University and earned the Certified Direct Marketer (CDM) designation in 2007.

Jim Vasilou

Jim Vasilou, VP, Technology

Jim has been an Information Technology professional for more than 30 years. During that time he has worked in all aspects of IT, from software development and networking to senior management positions. Jim has been a leader in adopting new technologies and building innovative and creative software solutions. His technical expertise and executive management experience have been in the insurance, marketing, and telecommunication industries. Jim earned a bachelor’s degree from Illinois State University in marketing.

Jon Young

Jon Young, VP, Administration

Over the past two decades, Jon has held management positions throughout the corporation in operations, IT, client services and accounting. As the Director of Administration, Jon oversees the accounting, purchasing and warehouse areas for pii. Jon holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Chicago and a Certified Direct Marketer (CDM) certification.

Ron Drenning

Ron Drenning, VP,
Sales & Marketing

For 22 years, Ron Drenning has made the customer experience his passion. He champions strong acquisition, growth and retention strategies through our Conductor product, and consults with Fortune 500 companies to build loyalty and lasting brand relationships with their customers. Previously, Ron spent 12 years at Citibank. He holds an MBA from the University of Miami, and is an active member of key industry organizations such as the Direct Marketing Association.