Pii is now Taylor Communications

2017 Best of Print & Digital®


Pii works with 7 of the 10 largest insurance/financial Services companies in the U.S. More than 100,000 sales and marketing representatives use our marketing websites.


Pii is owned by Taylor Corporation which has seven million square feet of operations capacity and 9,000 professionals across the country that focus on exceeding customer’s needs every day.

New Technology

Pii is a new technology and production solutions innovator. We have collaborated with a number of large manufacturers like Xerox® to design new technology and equipment.

Whatever It Takes

It’s our mantra and our URL. We figure out how to get it done better and within tight time frames.

Experience Matters

20 years

Handling back-end production, systems integration, and distribution.

15 years

Developing & managing integrated marketing order sites for Fortune 500 companies.

We bring a unique approach on emerging trends and successful marketing strategies.